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The construction world isn't for everyone, but those who have the passion will do well in an environment that allows them to share that passion with each other.
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We don't intend on having employees. We aim to build family that grow in their personal and professional skillsets. We have a plan for every single person who joins our team. Do you want to start the road to being successful with us?

Without the right community, you stay in one place. Together, we can better each other and better the utility world.


Each member of the Dallas Underground team is given true benefits. Health, dental, vision, life, and more, we care about what's best for you and your family.


It isn't always ideal to find extra time in the construction industry. We work with each employee in understanding how we can create more time for the things that are important in their life.

"Working at Dallas Underground has been a great experience. They trust their employees and are always trying to find ways to help us and keep us safe."

- Juan
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Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX
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