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Our growing team of professionals is ready to tackle your next project. Our objective is always to communicate well, complete each project on time, and under budget.
Our History
Established 2011

Dallas Underground was founded in 2011 after Owner, Jeff Dean decided the utility industry was missing something. Wanting to make changes to the culture in construction and wanting to establish a brand in the North Texas area, Jeff decided to put an emphasis on his team. Growing slow and steady over the first 5-7 years they grew culture and grew their mission for why they were building. Their mission as a team is to: Supporting foundations through quality infrastructure.

Now for the last 3-4 years, Dallas Underground has been growing in strides as the clients and partners they have made relationships with see the difference down to each team members personal character.

Our People
Come First

In every decision we make in our company, our people are the focus.Why?

Because when your people are the priority, your business, your clients and your projects are the top of theirs.

Core Values
We keep our word, do what we say we will do, and follow through. We value being on-time and update others regarding changes. We work to earn one another's trust.
We work hard to be well-informed, make quick and calculated decisions, and make things happen. We leverage our past and present to create future opportunities.
Great communicators
We are honest, responsive, collaborative, persuasive, and timely in our communications with each other, our customers, our vendors, and other stakeholders.
Active learners
We recognize our shortcomings, desire to increase our knowledge & understanding, and adopt improved methods and practices. Curiosity, a passion for learning, and commitment to constantly improve lead to excellence.
Individual effort & teamwork
Trained, talented, and self-motivated people who work well together can accomplish great things. We aspire to be such a Company.
Shared commitment
Commitment promotes full participation and provides the energy for overcoming obstacles to achieving our common goals. Commitment comes before results.
Good stewards
We place a high priority on reducing waste and conservinglimited resources - including time and energy, equipment, fuel, materials, cash, credit, goodwill, personal health, and well-being.
Our Vision

To continue to be a leader in the infrastructure construction industry in the market we serve and to maintain our reputation as a company which takes good care of both its clients and employees.

Our Mission

Underground wet utility contractor providing value through superior leadership, customer service, safety , innovation and quality with a focus on long-term customer relationships.

Safety First
We hold oruselves to a high standard at Dallas Underground, and a good indication of that is our safety rating and partners
.72 Experience Modification Rating
Utilization of Core Safety Group as a safety partner
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